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  • EFT letters on a line with pegs

EFT Tapping for beginners

8th November, 2020|Articles|

Emotional Freedom Technique was introduced in the 1990's by Gary Craig and is used widely globally to alleviate all kinds of mind and physical problems in the body. We

  • Phoenix website launched

New Website Launched!

22nd October, 2020|News|

With free downloads in Homeopathy and Mindset self-care workbooks. The new website is now live and looking good! It’s had a re-fresh with a total new look. We also have

  • NLP Heads

NLP Master Practitioner

23rd September, 2020|News|

I am very pleased to announce that I have gained my Master practitioner award for NLP coaching (Neuro Linguistic Pathways). NLP can help you in a variety of ways but

  • Homeopathy pills and daisies

Homeopathy First Aid Course

24th February, 2020|News|

Would you like to learn about what homeopathic first aid with remedies to take in the home and what to give in certain situations? Come along to this FREE course