Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine

And is used by over 200 million people globally

homeopathyHomeopathic therapy treats both acute and chronic long term conditions.

It is a holistic medicine and as such the whole individual is treated on all levels uniquely representing their mind, body, spirit and emotions. This allows for the management and prevention of dis-ease in the body.

Each prescription is tailored to the specific needs of the individual to stimulate healing and recovery in the body.

Homeopathic treatment rarely causes side effects and can be taken by any age group, including babies, pregnant women and children.

The first consultation can normally last for 1 hour to 1.5 hours with follow ups taking 30-45 minutes. The first consultation is a full top to toe analysis of the body and details are taken down as to what makes you ‘you’. Everyone is an individual and as such no one remedy can be the one that cures all.

There are thousands of remedies and I am a classically trained homeopath. That means that there is one remedy that can solely restore your optimum health. That is why the first consult can take a while to ascertain all the information about you.

Beginners Online Homeopathy Course

learn how to treat yourself at home for common ailments with natural medicine

Phoenix Holistic health Homeopathy For Beginners
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Hayfever Online Course using Natural Remedies

 learn how to treat yourself at home during the hayfever season with homeopathy and a guide on what foods to avoid, suppliments to take and aromatherapy oils to use that will enhance your immune system.

Phoenix Holistic health Homeopathy For Beginners
Only £19.99 – Sign Up Now!

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If you would like to know more about how Homeopathy can help you, please contact me for an informal chat on how you can use this wonderful system of medicine for your health to regain its fullest vitality by the use of natural medicine.

As a thank you for stopping by, feel free to download the ABC guide as an introduction to some of the widely used remedies that many like-minded people use in their homes.

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