Work-life Mindset

would you like to be the best
version of you?

Do you wish you could stop self-sabotaging areas of your life?
Are you constantly starting things and then after a few weeks give up?

work-life mindsetMaybe you think you can’t achieve certain attainments in life or have some other limiting beliefs that are holding back and letting you lead the life you so deserve.

Learn how to remove the blocks in life that have been holding you back, I can help you overcome and remove the obstacles that are continually stopping you from achieving by re-aligning your negative beliefs into new self empowering ones- sounds simple right?… and it is once you know how!

Mindset Coaching

This is a technique that is scientifically validated and is a breakthrough in personal change that changes limiting self-beliefs that can lead to emotional blocks, giving you greater freedom in all aspects of your life.

I work with you to help you replace negative beliefs and old ways of thinking into new empowering beliefs and show you a simple but very effective exercises to implement. It gives you the freedom for new possibilities without the self limiting beliefs that you may have carried unknown within you from any period in your life, including childhood.

Did you know that your belief system is imprinted into you by the age of 7? Aristotle said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man” meaning that we take on beliefs at a very early age watching. What you believe in your conscious state of mind might be totally different to what you believe sub-consciously.

Conscious & Sub-Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is where we plan our daily life, set goals, make decisions from. Our sub-conscious mind controls all automatic functions in our body such as breathing, heart rhythm etc, and it also stores our habits or beliefs that we have stored over time, including judgments, behaviour, responses that affect our decisions in the conscious state.

Did you know that 95% – 99% of all your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions that can be present in your day to day living are determined by learned beliefs in your sub-conscious mind? Dr. Emmanuel Donchin PhD and Director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psycho-physiology at the University of Illinois states,

“As much as 99% of cognitive activity may be non-conscious”.

Let me help you with any self belief including but not limited to:
self-esteem, finances, health and fitness, sports performance, relationships, prosperity, work and career, self healing abilities, self worth & confidence.


Self-Care Worksheet PDF

If you have read this far do you want to know more? Are you ready to take the next step to get your life back on track? Contact me for a free chat on how I can help you achieve what you really want and unblock those limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back for many years.

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